Meal Swap to the Rescue

citrus chicken

Perks of a meal swap:

  • Cook one meal. Receive eight (or however many meals there are families in the group).
  • Free time from 4-6 pm because I don’t have to cook dinner.
  • Instant meal planning.
  • Enhanced community and encouragement from your friends to eat healthy food!

How does it work?

My meal swap consists of 8-10 amazing mommas from my Moms’ Group. We are currently exchanging meals biweekly. We started with 6 ladies, then tried 8, but eight was a little too much. Next time we plan to split into two groups of four, which also helps those who must make sure their meals are gluten free for health reasons.

The meals I’ve been eating from my last swap have made it incredibly easy to stick to my goals. I just pull a meal from the freezer and don’t have to think about whether or not it is healthy, paleo, etc. I already know it is! We adapted the Paleo Mini Menu from OAMM for our purposes. Here are some pictures. (The picture of the salad above is Citrus Chicken Strips over a salad, which we added to the menu.)


Primal Meatballs

Cilantro Lime Chicken

Cilantro Lime Chicken

Hawaiian Chicken Skewers

Energy Bars - great for mornings when you need something quick.

Energy Bars – great for mornings when you need something quick.

Additional meals included Southwestern Frittata (a favorite from my Whole30), Beyond Easy Pulled Pork, and Paleo Beef Stew (haven’t eaten it yet, but looking forward to it.)

Your thoughts, questions, comments...

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