What to do for breakfast?

I think it is easiest to eat well at the dinner table. It is the meal when we are most likely to cook from scratch, make sure our meal is “balanced” (i.e. main dish with sides), we usually aren’t in a rush, and sit down and eat with our family and friends. Breakfast and lunch tend to be where we we have problems. We are much more likely to reach for convenience items and way less likely to pile veggies on our plates. I don’t succeed everyday, but here are some of my tips for breakfast.

leftover veg for M1

avocado tomato salad

 1. Serve leftover veggies or salads for breakfast with your eggs.

balsamic london broil

burger and fried egg

2. Serve leftover meat for breakfast.

zucchini egg

3. Experiment with different seasonal veggies and different cheeses in an egg casserole.

buckwheat waffles

yogurt fruit nuts

 4. If you can’t handle another egg dish, experiment with grains other than wheat or opt try different combinations of yogurt, fruit, and nuts.


 5. Drink your breakfast

egg in a hole


6. If all else fails, try something fun!

  • Egg in a hole (used a star shaped cookie cutter for the kids…ok I liked it more than they did!)
  • Restaurant-style Hashbrowns with Sunday brunch (recipe to come)

Your thoughts, questions, comments...

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