Whole30 – Round 2

After a significant round of sickness and a vacation filled with indulgence, we decided to start Whole30 again. This time we are determined to complete all 30 days, and we are getting our kids more involved. They have had some gluten free grains (rice and oats), but we have reduced their amount of grains overall, have drastically reduced their amount of treats/sugar, and have been working hard to get them to try more veggies. They are also continuing to eat high quality dairy because they love their morning and evening milk routine and eggs simply must be cheesy or they aren’t worth eating (says Grubby).

There have been some upsets, especially following all the spoiling from Mom-mom, but overall they have taken it well and, in the absence of carbs, have eaten more meat and veggies than I’ve ever seen them eat!

On day 7 I’m already starting to feel the difference. Down 3 lbs (I know I’m not supposed to weigh, but I figure once a week doesn’t hurt too much), skin is clearing, nerves seem more even, and starting to feel more full and less tired. I even manged to eat out for date night! I do suspect that there was butter on the veggies, but ignorance is bliss, right?

It has been a little easier than last time in that I already have recipes ready to go, and I knew what to expect as far as cravings/withdraw. But I still maintain that the most difficult time to keep the rules is during social interactions. Our friends must truly think we are strange to deprive ourselves of the enjoyment of food, but it is only for a short while. I believe it will be worth it to get us back into good habits. More on how we plan to proceed after day 30 in a later post.

Here’s what we’ve been eating:



  • Baked Eggs with Spinach with Avocado, Blueberries and Cashews
  • Scrambled Eggs and Avocado Tomato Salad
  • Sweet Potato Hashbrowns, Fried Eggs, Avocado
  • Scrambled Eggs, Sauteed Zucchini, Blueberries and Cashews
  • Paleo Pancakes (I know this is technically SWYPO, but sometimes I just have to eat my eggs a different way. I did however leave out the vanilla extract, even though I think that is ludicrous.)




  • Trader Joe’s Chicken Chile Lime Burgers, greens, carrots, cucumbers, guacamole, pickle, and watermelon (This was day 1. I had to grocery shop that morning, so I had to keep it simple! Added bonus, I found out my kids really like these “ham-a-burgers.”)
  • Tomato Basil and Beef Soup (another favorite with my kids)
  • Salad with mixed greens, leftover chicken, avocado, tomato, cilantro, olive oil, and lime juice (My boys ate this also, just disassembled.)
  • Carnitas salad from Chipotle (special grocery shopping date with Isaiah)
  • All the other days we had leftovers from our dinners. See below.






  • Warm peaches (just microwaved for 30 seconds) with cinnamon and coconut
  • Dried Cranberries (no sugar added!), Paleo Jerky, and Cashews
  • Apples with almond butter
  • Chocolate Banana Smoothie (banana, coconut milk, cocoa powder, and sometimes almond butter)
  • Coffee with coconut milk (Not pictured, but always present with breakfast.)
  • A massive side of dishes to wash…yes…I do seem to cook and clean more on whole30. I don’t think I’m doing it again until I have a dishwasher!

Your thoughts, questions, comments...

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