Real Food Defined

So what are our food rules?

1) Real

This may sound silly, but we don’t eat fake food. We eat plants, animals and dairy. Not food-like substances we can’t pronounce, not chemical preservatives, not stuff that barely looks like food. We buy ingredients, and we eat them raw (like fruit and nuts) or we cook them into something delicious (like homemade bread or a roast chicken).

2) Whole

We don’t buy plants, animals, or diary that have been processed beyond recognition. For example, in our grocery cart you will see fruit, not fruit snacks, a whole chicken, not chicken nuggets, and blocks of cheese and real butter, not Velveta and margerine. We don’t do low fat, low calorie, or low cholesterol. And we don’t buy boxes with health claims.

3) Nourishing

This is sort of wrapped up in the first two. But it also has to do with preparation. We hope to eat foods that will not simply sustain us. We want to eat foods that will contribute to our wellness. There is always bone broth in our freezer. We aim to eat fruit and/or vegetables at every meal. We limit our sugar intake to special occasions. And we aim to cook foods at home in a traditional manner.

4) Paleo(ish)

Matt has been reducing grains in his diet for the last 6 months or so. I recently read It Starts With Food and almost finished a Whole30 challenge. As we proceed, we will be attempting to reduce our grain intake (especially those with gluten). But we aren’t going to give them up forever. You would have to move heaven and earth to get my boys to give up their morning and evening milk ritual, so we’re not eliminating dairy either, but opting for higher quality even if it means we eat it less.

Except when we don’t!

We eat cake at family birthday parties. We order take-out for date nights. We don’t ask rude questions when we eat at a friend’s house. We have even eaten fast food on the road (gasp!) We celebrate and/or relax with beer and wine. We just try to be wise, and make sure that our indulgences are truly treats, not our daily eating habits.

Your thoughts, questions, comments...

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